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This web-page have primarily only one reason and purpose : because since some time - unfortunately - (since June 20, 2014) the very good SDR program NaP3 is no longer available for download from the web-pages of the program developer F5VNB ! The websites of the program developer - and also the support for NaP3 - are no more longer available , they are removed and deleted from the internet ! The program developer has consistently decided by any, other amateur radio activities to desist . So NO more new versions of NaP3 will come and also the support has been finished . At this point it`s time to give the program author for the development of the software NaP3 many thanks ! This thanks should not be missed to Pete,F5VNB !

But all versions of NaP3-SDR - which are known for me... - You can download HERE for absolutly Free-Use for all further times . FOR CHOOSE A VERSION OF NaP3-SDR WHICH YOU LIKE TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEXT PAGES (or scroll down) .
But note - however ... - there is and will not come support directly from me .

To get some informations about interconnections between (e.g.) ELECRAFT - KX3 with PC : See HERE !

For discuss about SDR-Software NaP3 with each others of users - if You would have problems with the software or hardware ... please use the "GUESTBOOK" or the "SUPPORT - FORUM" for placement Your questions , remarks and / or to get answers from other users ... maybe from Ham-Radio-Operators , which are much more better software-specialists as I am ...

To use "NaP3" as SDR-scope & remote-control application so NaP3 is absolutely outstanding, very accurate , very sensitive , a lot of settings are available and so I mean NaP3 is the best of what I know ! HERE You can see in an video example what the remote-control Win4K3Suite is (©VA2FSQ) and how it works ! Tutorial: Using the K3-KX3 Panadapter ONLY stand-alone with Win4K3Suite ... without NaP3 ! As next video-example : You can see HERE how NaP3-SDR is working with the KX3 ... ! (  ©W7QC) And the next available example-video is HERE : Win4K3Suite (©VA2FSQ) for the Elecraft KX3   ...

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These websites contain most cost-free amateur radio software . This website is very trustworthy ! See here.

My current QRV - Activity - Status You can always check here : My CommCat-QSX-er .

73`s de Jens Spiess / HB9JOI

Contact : hb9joi@amsat.org

NaP3 - SDR Download-Link / Support - Forum

( Here are AVAILABLE : ALL NaP3 - SDR KX3 / K3 - VERSIONS as Zip-Files )

Other Software : Like Remote-Control K3 & KX3-Hybrid-SDR HERE and Weak-Signal-Digital Modes Software JT65 / JT9

Screenshot from HamRadioDeluxe-Mapper & Logbook : In ONLY 5 hours - during a automatic observing session of 24 houres and transmit answers on cq-calls at various times - with at every time receive observing the frequency 14.076.000 (20m-Shortwave) with KX3 and only 5 Watts transmitter power in Mode JT65-HF reached and worked stations around the world . The longest contact distance what reached was : Continent Australia - VK in Locator QF22 : 16.355 km. This contact had need transmitting-power only 1 Watt per 3.311,4 km !

The world smallest QRP(P)-Transceiver

Collections of Homebrew QRP RF Circuit Design Ideas can be found HERE