NaP3-SDR and Other Downloads ...

1.) N4PY Remote-Control-Software for many different RIG`s : PEGASUS-PLUS

2.) Ham-Radio-Deluxe Version / Last available COST - FREE version

3.) NaP3 - SDR Panadapter Software / All known FREE versions for DOWNLOAD HERE

4.) ELECRAFT K3 & KX3 Remote-Control-Software by VA2FSQ : Win4K3Suite

5.)  "Voice-Shaper" / a fantastic , graphic equalizer for PC by VE3NEA for FREE USE

6.)  K5FR : VSP Manager - FREE DOWNLOAD & USE : COM-PORT-Manager

7.)  J T65-HF-Comfort / Weak-Signal Digital-Mode / FREE USE / M.Buchwald DL3VCO

Important : This version of JT65-HF (DL3VCO) will - maybe...- NOT RUNNING UNDER Windows-8 and 8.1 on all computer-systems . My experience is - to solve this problem - You must let running the install-routine (.exe) as ADMINISTRATOR . To start the program : You must in program properties configure and chosen "Let run under Compatibility-Modus for Windows-7 " and also You must chosen "Let run as ADMINISTRATOR " . If You do that not , the program will only run for ONE RX-Session ! After this one RX-session the program terminate all the function immediately by himself !

8.) JT65-HF HB9HQX-Edition / For FREE USE from Beat Oehrli - HB9HQX

(For this program a very good and detailed documentation in german language from HB9HQX is available HERE -Manual.pdf)


9.)  Satellite-Tracking and Prediction Software : ORBITRON from Sebastian Stoff


10.) Useful Products for Amateur-Radio Homebrewing / Order

11.) Weak-Signal-Modes : WSJT / WSJT-X / JT65 / JT9 / WSPR by Joe Taylor - K1JT         (... As far as I know is WSJT-X (from K1JT) the ONLY weak-signal software which the much more sensitive mode : JT9 has implemented. Read on the Website of K1JT (JT9) more precise about The differences between JT65 and JT9 !

The KX3 is also well suited for JT9 because the TX (ESSB) and RX bandwidth can set very good how needed to 4 kHz ! Some critical to the use of Mode JT9 with KX3 is only - the not necessarily sufficient - frequency stability of the KX3 of (+/-) < 1ppm. See HERE WSJT-X Mode JT9 Signal-Decode-Example with use KX3.

I was wondering why I got most NO answers if I worked in JT9-Mode at first time with the KX3 and only 3 watts output used . So I have at first compared operating JT9 with an FT857D with additional built-in TCXO (frequency-stability <0,5ppm). So, the FT857D seems to be in a good shape for working in JT9 and stable enough. With the FT857D I had no problems with mode JT9. Than I decided start to go the way to prepare my KX3 especially for use the Mode JT9 :At first I have done the : KX3 EXTENDED VFO TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION PROCEDURE ! This procedure description You can find HERE ! Never I have used or was thinking about a additional heat-sink ! After I done the procedure of temperature compensation I have NEVER RUN MORE THEN 0,5 ... 1,0 WATTS OUTPUT from the KX3. In operation, with less 1.0 watt output of the KX3 , I have the oscillator temperature observed. The temperature varies between TX / RX sequences with JT65 or JT9 sessions only +/- 1 ° C. (Between 34 °C to 35 °C up&down max.) These <1.0 Watts output I take as drive-power for a little separate 30 watts homebrew MOSFET-PA or the KXPA100 , but use with it not more then 5...18 Watts output ! The results are very good : To aproximately 95% all contacts or answers on a CQ-call in Mode JT9 are successfully !!! Also the mode JT65 is without problems and working stable . The highest frequency up to which I have observed the frequency stability of the KX3 for using WSJT-X (JT65 or JT9) is up to the 15m band.


Using the Remote-Control-Softwares : PEGASUS-PLUS or Win4K3Suite or HRD ...

Please NOTE : The NaP3-SDR-Software completely support the remote control softwares 1) N4PY / "PEGASUS-Plus" and 4) VA2FSQ / "Win4K3Suite" and 2) "Ham-Radio-Deluxe (HRD) . That is very welcome because "NaP3" e.g. unfortunately have NO functions for TX / RX Remote-Switching-uses ! This comes as very good to know in advance, because the Spectrum-Scope functions in 1) and 4), the graphical properties and the multiple settings how with NaP3 are absolutely NOT comparable with a lot other available SDR applications . In both remote-control-softwares ... - in "Pegasus Plus" as well as "Win4K3Suite" - there are the Spectrum-Scope SDR properties and display... - are in my opinion ... - very deficient and are only shows like a game option and a gimmick and not really useable for exactly measurements . In compare to the use "NaP3" as SDR-scope application NaP3 is absolutely outstanding, very accurate , very sensitive , a lot of settings are available and so I mean NaP3 is the best of what I know ! HERE You can see in an video example what remote-control Win4K3Suite is and how it works ! Tutorial (©VA2FSQ) : Using the K3-KX3 Panadapter ONLY stand-alone with Win4K3Suite ... without NaP3 ! As next video-example : You can see HERE how NaP3-SDR is working with the KX3 ... (©W7QC) ! Another video-example how Win4K3Suite Remote-Control-Software is working with the KX3 You can see HERE (©VA2FSQ)!
Thus obtained by "NaP3 SDR" in connection with the simultaneous use of "Pegasus Plus" or "Win4K3Suite" or "HRD" is a really very good , multi-functional and flexible SDR and remote solution and all functions of KX3 and K3 and a lot of other RIG`s too ...will supported
bidirectional between the three remote-control-softwares (or other remote-control-software of Your choice...) and NaP3-SDR . (See picture below...)

Also "Win4K3Suite" (from VA2FSQ) support and make a bi-directional automatic remote-control connection to / from HamRadioDeluxe (HRD) DigitalMaster (DM780) and HRD-Logbook if You start these applications in addition with "Win4K3Suite" and/or running "NaP3" at the same time too . Nothing You must configurate to get and use this functions all together with HRD for working in all Digi-Modes ... !

With use the "VSP-Manager" from K5FR You can create so many virtual ComPort-Pairs You like and need for running many different remote-control-sofwares with control and in parallel with NaP3 . Only You must make the correct entries of virtual comport in each remote-control-software which You like let run together bi-directional !

But for using one of the remote control softwares of Your choice and running in addition with NaP3 as panadapter , You still need a software with which You can create and configure PAIR`s of VIRTUAL COM-PORT`s (Port Management) . This little program - from Steve , K5FR : VSP Manager - IS HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE.

BUT NOTE : Before You install the virtual port manager ... : READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST ! THEY ARE HERE !

For example ... : A screenshot from my VSP-Manager configuration : In this case "Win4K3Suite" use virtual configurated port COM-5 and "NaP3-SDR" use virtual port COM-6 . In "Win4K3Suite" (Main) is set COM-3 (the physical port) because at physical-port (COM-3) the KX3 is connected with USB-cable to the PC.

!!! A configuration-procedure-example You can find HERE , or click the picture below for a Video-Stream !!!


Click the picture above or HERE to get a larger picture example for virtual comport configurations of VSP-Manager

In this context it should be noted that it is a real pity and great to regret that Pete - F5VNB - all further NaP3    developments and support completely stoped , finished and all new further activities has canceled .

KX3 Custom VFO Temp.-Compensation-Procedure rev A9.pdf (235,8 kB)