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Please NOTE : The version of NaP3-v.4.0.0 RC3 has a bug and so not on all systems it will run ok without a crash and as result You get a frozen screen . I don`t know who could in future time solve this bug . See this link :          (             Also it is strongly recommended if You like to install or change between the different versions that You at first NOT ONLY let run the programs uninstall-routine ... because some entries in the computer-registry will not deleted and the install process of the other version will not run and also the program will not start ! Also it is recommended it should be done a database-reset in the older / earlier version of NaP3-program. For get a really clean registry and clean new installation without old entries from earlier versions of NaP3 You must clean the "brain remember" of the computer manually by using this software here :     Revo - Uninstaller 1.95 .

As far as I know , is the SDR program NaP3 OPEN SOURCE software. Unfortunately , I am not a specialist for software development and I do not know from where the source code is to get of the program for further developments or possible bug corrections - maybe could make from radio amateurs , who deal with software development as hobby in their free-time .

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Problems with Cluster-Spots...

Uwe / DL4AC 24.12.2015

I am using NaP3 v4.0.0-RC3. I have a problem with Spots. The first time I hit the Spot-Button I was able to set it up and to connect to a cluster. But now I can't open the Spot-Window anymore!? I see it in the task-bar and I can close it... but I can't reach it? Is there a solution?

Antw.:Problems with Cluster-Spots...

Henny 26.12.2015

If the spots window does not appear when you click on Spots, it is because it is off screen somewhere. To restore it, use this trick. Hover over the NaP3 icon in the Taskbar. Slide your mouse pointer up to the small version of the Spots window and right click. Then chose the Move option and left click. If you now press any arrow key, the window will appear and can be moved with the mouse. Note: Once the window is back, you can right click in any free space in the window and will see some options. One of the options is Autostart. If you click on Autostart, the spots program will start whenever you start NaP3. You won't need to use the spots window again unless you want to change the settings.

This help file covers the important settings in NaP3. After successfully getting things going, you can adjust the IF Frequency Offsets as shown in the pictures below to fine tune the signal positions withing the display. This is required for all rigs except the K3, which reports this information to NaP3 using special CAT commands.

73 es HNY, PA3HK, Henny

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